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We are in the process of
transitioning you to a new
webmail platform.
This new webmail system
will feature an easy-to-use
interface, improved privacy,
and enhanced security.




We've been expecting you.

Take control
your online experience!

With the right speed, streaming video becomes easy, surfing the web is faster
and the entire family can enjoy their laptops, tablets and smartphones at
the same time. It’s easy to get the speed you want from
Grayson Collin Communications!

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Want to save money by combining services?

Combine your

business broadband,
phone system and IT support.

Call 1(800) 867-2887 or email sales@mygcc.co

protect your business
and home from intruders.

Safety and Security Customized to Meet Your Needs!


Smart Home Monitoring

Take Total Control of your home.

Grayson Collin Communications offers
home automation solutions you control
from any smart mobile device or
Internet connection.

We are your Information Technology

Ensure system stability,
eliminate unexpected costs associated with network down-time,
and leverage technology to grow your business.

Welcome to Grayson Collin Communications.

The people we serve are the same people we live next door to, which is a completely foreign concept for most communication providers still today. We take care of our own and strive to provide the best service and support you need.

High Speed Internet

We offer a variety of Internet options so you can be sure there’s one that will meet your needs and enjoy everything the Internet has to offer, your way.

Digital Phone

Staying connected is easy with our unlimited long distance. Give your family the security and peace of mind they deserve with a home phone today.

Managed Services

From patch-management to communication systems, we design managed and customized solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Structured Cabling

We can provide end-to-end solutions, design and install fiber and copper cabling. Structured cabling allows for growth, organization, and ease of use.

Security Systems

We have more than just top of the line security systems, we also specialize in Home Automation! HA can make you feel like you’re living in the future!

Verizon Wireless

As a Verizon Authorized Wireless Retailer, we have an array of options to suit your needs, from basic phones to Smartphones with all the bells and whistles.

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We’re Moving To A New Webmail Platform!

We’re Moving To A New Webmail Platform!

Why Are We Migrating? Google has decided to discontinue the edition of their email and apps platform that was made available for ISPs like Grayson Collin Communications. Because of their decision, Grayson Collin Communications must move all of the email services away from Google to a new platform currently planned for the week of March 23rd. What this means is a new look for your webmail, some new settings for […]

Email Upgrade

Email Upgrade

Dear Grayson Collin Communications Customer, We are in the process of improving the security and resiliency of our email offering by establishing new secured settings for our customers who use email software like Microsoft Outlook, Apple mail, or Windows Live Mail to access their gcecisp.com email account. For those improvements to take effect, you need to make some changes to your email client incoming and outgoing settings. Please take the […]


We strive to provide the best customer service in the business, period. Our motto is "we are big enough to server you, but small enough to know you".

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 24x7 Support
  • Quality Service
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • No Data Caps
  • No Gimmicks
We take care of our own and strive to provide the best service and support you need.

  • 8AM to 5PM: (903) 482-7000
  • After Hours: (903) 482-7035
  • Email Support: support@mygcc.co


Grayson Collin Communications IP business communication system has so much flexibility to expand with our management needs. Thank you Grayson Collin Communications for setting us up and keeping our operations running smoothly!
Sandi RussellAustin College
We needed a system that would manage to both the mobile and internal IP needs. Grayson Collin Communications has been a trusted supplier for over 15 years now. They have been with us so long that I couldn't imagine working with anyone else because they truly understand our business' communications needs.
As you know, data management plays a vital role in an educational environment and with the Mitel- Intertel System, we were able to integrate our voice system with our data network. Grayson Collin Communications knows the system inside out and unlike most telecom providers, we actually know our representative on a first name basis!

Call us today at 1(800) 867-2887 or Email us at customerservice@mygcc.co

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